I am running because I recognize that the decisions of the Commonwealth Court have far-reaching impact on the lives of Pennsylvanians, their businesses and our government.


Judge Fizzano Cannon

Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon, a member of the Court of Common Pleas, is a statewide candidate for Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth Court, one of Pennsylvania’s two statewide intermediate appellate courts, is primarily responsible for matters involving state and local governments, non-profit corporations and regulatory agencies. It also acts as a trial court when lawsuits are filed by or against the Commonwealth. Judge Fizzano Cannon’s service as a trial court judge, as well as her experience in municipal and county government, in both official and legal capacities, has uniquely prepared her to serve the citizens of Pennsylvania on the Commonwealth Court.


Judge Fizzano Cannon has an extensive legal and judicial background spanning more than twenty-two years. Her professional experience includes serving as a trial court judge, a partner in a regional law firm, and as a sole practitioner running her own practice.

As a Court of Common Pleas judge, Fizzano Cannon handles subject matters appealable to the Commonwealth Court. She currently heads the civil trial section and previously served in the juvenile and motion hearing sections of the trial court.

As a member of the trial court bench, Judge Fizzano Cannon has presided over more than 150 jury and non-jury trials, closed more than 1,500 civil cases and handled more than 730 Juvenile Court matters.

During her 17 years as an attorney, prior to becoming a judge, Fizzano Cannon was in private practice and served as an Assistant County Solicitor, a municipal authority solicitor and as a Special Prosecutor of Child Support Enforcement.


Known for her excellent judicial demeanor, Judge Fizzano Cannon has a reputation for fairness, integrity, and professionalism. She is the only candidate for Commonwealth Court to receive the top rating of “Highly Recommended” from the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission which indicates that she possesses “the highest combination of legal ability, experience, integrity, and temperament and would be capable of outstanding performance as a judge” of the Commonwealth Court.*

Specifically, the Judicial Evaluation Commission stated that:

Judge Fizzano Cannon “has since 2012 served as a judge on the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas where she heads the civil trial section overseeing both civil and equity matters. At the same time, she has served as pretrial judge, responsible for deciding more than 800 motions and petitions. Having graduated from law school with honors, the candidate has continued her legal scholarship by lecturing extensively throughout the commonwealth on various areas of law. The candidate’s legal writing is clear, concise and thorough. Her courtroom demeanor has earned the respect of her colleagues as well as that of the attorneys and litigants who appear before her. The candidate’s extensive civic activities add depth to her illustrious legal career. The commission believes that the candidate would perform admirably as a judge on the Commonwealth Court and highly recommends her candidacy.”*

(Report of the Pennsylvania Bar Assoc. Judicial Advisory Committee – Jan 30th, 2017 report).

Judge Fizzano Cannon is a graduate of the University of Arizona and graduated with honors from Widener University School of Law, where she served as the Articles Editor of the Law Review. She was named a “Rising Star Super Lawyer” by Law & Politics Magazine in 2005, 2006 and 2007.


Judge Fizzano Cannon has a history of promoting ethics in the profession. She was selected by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Disciplinary Board to serve a 6-year term on a Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Hearing Committee. In that capacity, Judge Fizzano Cannon conducted evidentiary hearings and issued written legal opinions in cases concerning Pennsylvania attorneys charged with alleged misconduct. She was appointed to and served as a member of the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania that investigates and brings cases against judges who are accused of unethical actions. She also served on the Governor’s Judicial Advisory Committee to review credentials of prospective Court of Common Pleas judge candidates and to make recommendations regarding qualifications. Judge Fizzano Cannon received the 2017 Elizabeth C. Price Award for her integrity and dedication to the law and the legal profession.

Community service

Judge Fizzano Cannon has dedicated her life and career to public service and has been actively involved with a variety of community organizations. She was a Commissioner on the county Women’s Commission, which advocates for women and women’s issues, and was recently honored to receive the Commission’s “2017 Woman of Achievement” Award. She worked as a member of the Board of Directors of Riddle Memorial Hospital and previously served on Tyler Arboretum’s Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Riddle Healthcare Foundation.

Judge Fizzano Cannon has made public service a priority. In addition to her work on a township zoning hearing board and county and regional municipal authority boards, she was elected to Middletown Township Council in 1999. She served as a township councilwoman for 8 years, including serving as the Council’s Vice Chairman before her election to County Council in 2007.

As a county commissioner, Judge Fizzano Cannon promoted fiscal responsibility in all matters and fought to preserve the historically and environmentally significant 46.2 acre “Mineral Hill” property without expending County tax dollars. She also founded the County’s Energy and Environmental Advisory Board that established goals and policies for increasing energy efficiency, conserving natural resources, and saving tax dollars.

Judge Fizzano Cannon’s extensive professional experience and background make her the ideal candidate to serve the people of Pennsylvania on the Commonwealth Court. Her comprehensive judicial and legal career, her rating of “Highly Recommended”, her record of promoting ethics in both the legal profession and the judiciary, and her long-time dedication to community service demonstrate that Judge Fizzano Cannon has the integrity, experience, ability and dedication we need on the Commonwealth Court.

If elected I will use my more than 22 years of legal experience to decide matters with integrity and impartiality, while ensuring that all matters are heard with an open mind. Every individual and entity that appears before me will be treated fairly, equally and with respect.


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